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What if I am not sure?

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Is the Lord stirring you to begin a new journey of faith? Is He calling you out of one place and into another to refine you and define His plan?

Honestly, I think we are all control freaks. We like to know what is around the bend. So, when God asks us to pick up our tent and move to a new land, find a new job, seek out a new church, we don't always jump right on board. We hesitate. We wonder if we really heard Him speak at all.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” Psalm 32:8

What if I am not sure?

I recall talking with a close friend of mine decades ago. She felt the tug of God asking her to change teaching positions from private school to public school. She shared all of the reasons it would be wise to stay in the private school setting. But, her heart was not settled. She was just not sure.

I told her she needed to ask God to define His will for her through His Word. "Ask God to lead you as you daily go to the Bible to read. He will show you something in His Word that will confirm what you are to do. You won't have to make a scripture fit your question. God will clearly show you His direction and will affirm that by His Spirit to yours. This will be your anchor. You will need it."

Later that week, she told me God had shown her a scripture directing her into the public school system.

"I am glad you have your anchor. Now, go home and write that scripture in the front of your Bible with today's date. Why? Likely, in about six or eight months when the waves of the public school "sea" start to churn, you will panic. You will think you have made the wrong decision to swap schools. Yet, if you have that anchor, you can go back to God's specific Word and hang on until the sea stills. You can know you are in the midst of a stormy sea and perfectly in the middle of God's will."

If God is calling you to set out and leave what you know, ask God for an anchor of direction. His Word will keep you steady when the waves blow against you. Your anchor will hold.

Prayer: Father, I am unsure of the direction you are taking me, but I am going to show up each morning with the same question until you give me an answer. I eagerly await your specific instruction for the path ahead. Let Your Word lead and anchor me when storms assail.

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